How To Care For Your Dog In Between Grooming Appointments

While a well-kempt appearance is essential, the most vital part of pet grooming lies in keeping our furry friends healthy and content. To ensure your pup stays at its peak between visits to the groomer, there are several simple steps you can take for optimal maintenance!

Regular brushing in between appointments with your dog’s groomer is essential to maintain their coat in good health. Taking the time to brush them in between appointments helps in two ways – not only does it help keep the coat clean, but it also provides an opportunity to check if any parasites or skin issues have taken up residence in their fur. To make sure you get the most out of regular brushing, remember that not all brushes are suitable for all coat types – so if in doubt, ask your groomer for advice! With a dedicated brushing routine, your canine companion will look and feel wonderful!

Between veterinary or grooming appointments, make sure to keep up with regular nail trimming for your pet. Long nails can create a world of discomfort and, in the worst cases, even cause your pet foot problems. Trimming the nails should be accomplished simply and safely in order to prevent any potential issues in the future. Your vet or groomer can explain the proper techniques to ensure that your pet’s nails are kept at their best in between appointments.

Taking care of your pup’s dental health in between professional appointments is essential for overall well-being. Making sure to brush their teeth at least once a week or providing dental treats and chews as alternate options is a great way to help maintain their happy smiles. The key to in-between-appointment dental care is consistency, either in the form of brushing, providing special chews, or using treats. A regular dental cleaning can help in reducing bad breath and also prevent plaque buildup, which in turn will lead to fewer trips to the vet.

Caring for your dog’s ears in-between grooming visits is essential in maintaining their overall health. When cleaning your pup’s ears, use cotton balls and an ear cleaner that is specifically geared toward dogs in order to avoid irritation or damage to the inner ear. If you notice any unusual smells or discharge in your dog’s ear, it is best to consult with a vet in order to address any potential underlying issues. Keeping up with in-between ear cleanings will keep your pup feeling and looking healthy!

By taking these simple steps in between grooming visits, you will be able to keep your dog looking and feeling its best!